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Saturday, August 31, 2013

9:30am E.T.
Opening Video – Unifor: a new day
Opening and Welcoming Remarks
Anti-Harassment Policy
Aboriginal Welcoming – Gary Sault of the Mississaugas of the New
Credit First Nation

10:00am E.T.
CAW & CEP Presidents’ Remarks
CAW & CEP Secretary-Treasurers’ Remarks
CAW & CEP Quebec Directors’ Remarks

10:45am E.T.
Approval of Election Committee
Introduction to Voting Procedures

11:00am E.T.
Granting Membership
Adoption of the Constitution
Collection of Membership Cards

12:00am E.T.- Order of the Day

Allan Gregg, Canadian Pollster and Pundit

12:30pm E.T.
Lunch Adjournment

2:00pm E.T.
Overview of National Executive Board Composition and Elections
Nominations and Election of Officers and National Executive Board
Motion regarding Transition Officer
Swearing in of Officers and National Executive Board
CAW/CEP Mergers with Unifor

3:15pm E.T.
Keynote Address – President, Unifor

3:45pm E.T.
“A New Union for a Challenging World: Unifor’s Vision and Plan”
Discussion Paper – Presented by Jim Stanford and Fred Wilson

4:30pm E.T. – Order of the Day

Naomi Klein, Canadian Author and Social Activist

5:00pm E.T.

Evening Hospitality / Reception
Entertainment – Chris Murphy and Friends
Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, 2nd Floor

Sunday, September 1, 2013

9:30am E.T.

Ken Georgetti, CLC President  - Presentation of the CLC Charter to Unifor

9:45am E.T.
“A New Union for a Challenging World” (Discussion Continued)

10:30am E.T.
“Unifor Organizing Policy” Discussion Paper – Presented by John Aman and Duncan Brown

11:00am E.T.

Mary Walsh, Canadian Actress, Comedian and Social Activist

11:45am E.T. – Order of the day
Philippe Martinez , CGT Metal Workers Division, France

12:15pm E.T.
Strike Appeals

12:30pm E.T.
Lunch Adjournment

2:00pm E.T.
“Unifor Organizing Policy” (Discussion Continued)

2:30pm E.T.
“Broadening Union Citizenship: Unifor’s Members in Community Chapters” Discussion Paper – Presented by Roxanne Dubois

3:45pm E.T.
Resolutions and Unifor Policy Matters
Unfinished Business

4:45pm E.T.

Lorraine Segato, Canadian Pop-Singer and Songwriter

5:00pm E.T.

6:00pm E.T.
Unifest – Nathan Phillips Square

Monday, September 2, 2013

8:00am E.T.
Labour Day Parade Speeches – Nathan Phillips Square

9:30am E.T.
Unifor Labour Day Parade