Workplace Rights in Canada

Workplace rights are a matter that is considered very seriously in Canada. Both Federal and territorial laws make sure that such rights are protected. Independent bodies such as Human Rights Watch also work in this regard. As compared to the rest of the world Canada is a country that is ranked among the top brass protecting human rights. All Canadians and even legal immigrants enjoy equal rights in Canada. The government of Canada also makes sure that best steps are taken to preserve human rights at Canadian workplaces. Discrimination is not a question at all when it comes to Canadian labor laws. The labor unions also ensure that the best steps are taken to protect employee rights.

Human Rights Act in Canada

It can be called as a base of all labor laws in Canada. It ensures that the best steps are taken to preserve the foreign as well as an indigenous worker right in Canada. Discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, sex, color, race, and status is not allowed at all. The companies are bound to treat all workers with respect. Discrimination is the first phenomenon which has been worked on when it comes to this law. Any of the following organization falls under this law’s category. It also makes sure that a constant check and balance system is in place to make sure that the organizations abide by the rules:

  • Federal government organizations
  • First Nation Government organizations
  • Private sector

The overall make and model of this law are such that an employee is being treated discriminately can report the incident if he wants to. The law also ensures that all service providers are also checked periodically and Canadian government makes sure that this happens.

Necessary accommodation at workplace

It is very important for any organization to create such environment that all employees feel their rights protected. This point is very important and therefore must be enforced by all organizations. At times there are some employees that cannot work normally like others. Though the duties are same due to any disability, they are treated differently. Necessary accommodation law states that the employer in all such conditions must take steps to create such environment which suits the employee. However, this law is only applied if there is a need. Unnecessary application of accommodation can lead to discrimination which is definitely not allowed at Canadian workplaces at all.

Canadian Labor Code

There are about 12,000 registered businesses working in Canada. It is a hefty and healthy number and is regulated by Canadian Labor Code. The code completely ensures that the labor laws are protected completely. However, it is also to be noted that the number mentioned is just a tiny figure as compared to the total workforce of other sectors. Still, this law is in place to make sure that the best outcome is generated and the overall discrimination is negated at every level. Some points covered by this law are as follows:

  • Healthy industrial relations
  • Workplace health
  • General employment rules
  • Labor unions work structure

Trade Unions in Canada

There are a number of trade unions operating in Canada. These trade unions make sure that the quality of work and the work-life balance remains. The employees associated with these organizations get certain advantages. These advantages are known as Union Advantage. From decent work hours to fair pay union fight for the right of the employees. In the past, these unions have worked superbly to make sure that certain rules and laws are made a part of the Canadian labor code. The mechanism of working of each and every union is same. The only change is the department to which it is related to. In the case of any problem, the employees seek union help so that the problem is resolved. The main idea which is to be noted is that the implementations as a result of union struggle affect everyone positively. It also includes the nonunion members. Some of the unions that are working in Canada are as follows:

Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA)

The right protection of the members is the first and foremost phenomenon which is associated with this union. It was founded in 1943 and till now there are 22000 members working in various showbiz fields. International Federation of Actors and Canadian Labor Congress are the other important bodies associated with this union. The ACTRA started out as an alliance of radio artists only. With the passage of time, the organization has transformed itself into a strong strength. The ACTRA awards are also presented to the artists with exceptional work. The headquarters of this organization is located in Toronto, Ontario.

British Columbia Teachers’ Association (BCTF)

All public school teachers in the province are encouraged to take membership of British Columbia Teachers’ Association. Workplace safety, health, and implementation of Employment Act are some of the important functions which this union performs. It was founded in 1917 and the headquarters is located in Vancouver. The labor union holds annual meetings and dinners. The top brass is elected through voting.

The union also has a Representative Assembly to make sure that each key decision is taken in line with the current requirements. The union is also affiliated to Canadian Teachers’ Federation, Canadian Trades and Labor Congress and British Columbia Federation of Labor. The strong outreach of the organization resolved the contract dispute of teachers in 2011.

Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC)

It is regarded as the largest trade union of Canada. The total number of members of Public Service Alliance of Canada is close to 175,000. It was created in 1966 and the headquarters is located in Ottawa. The current president of this trade union is Robyn Benson. The members are scattered throughout Canada and make sure that any issue related to their job or workplace environment is immediately reported.

The organization is constantly in touch with the government officials to ensure that the issues are resolved. The bargaining, women rights and equality are the main focuses of this organization. It is associated with Agriculture Union, Canada Employment and Immigration Union, Customs and Immigration Union, Government Services Union and Nunavut Employees Union.