Canadian Labor Law/Code

Labor Law in Canada

Respect for labor is the first and foremost phenomenon which is practiced by the businesses in Canada. It is for the same reason that people from all over the world migrate to Canada to pursue a successful career. The Canadian Parliament has taken strict actions and steps against labor misconduct and manipulation. Hefty fines are imposed on the companies that are found indulged in such activities. The result is a stable and peaceful labor environment.

However, the laws are not one sided. The labor unions must ensure that if any of their members are found guilty then they take strict action against him/her. There are two versions of Canadian labor law which are practiced in Canada currently. They are mainly:

  • Canadian Labor Law
  • Canadian Labor Code

These will be described so that the readers get to know the facts which are associated. The ambiguities and misconceptions will also be cleared completely.

Canadian Labor Law

There are certain important points which are associated with this law. These are:

  • The Canadian Labor law is a body of law which is equally applied to all industries and businesses earning their profits from Canada
  • The trade unions, workers, and employers are the main stakeholders of this law. Each group should make sure that each and every restriction is followed as it is
  • Canadian Labor LawNonunion workers and employers are also a part of this law
  • From governmental side, the province and federal is responsible to ensure that the law is followed in its true sense
  • Where the federal jurisdiction is not applied the province is responsible to make sure that the law is implemented
  • This law has been made keeping in view the constitutional jurisdiction of federal and the provincial governments
  • The businesses which are constitutionally under the jurisdiction are banking, broadcast, finance, banks, maritime navigation, fishing, and transport.
  • Education and municipal structure are governed by the provincial governments.
  • Only the Province of Quebec is the one that does not follow the law as it is. This is because the constitutional status of the province is different from others.

Canadian Labor Code

The important points which are to be considered in relation to Canadian Labor Code are as follows:

  • Labor respect is the main concern which this code deals with. It is Act of Parliament and Canadian Government to combine all such statutes in a single law
  • Canadian Labor CodeThis law makes sure that strikes and lockdowns are minimized. The law is not limited to mentioned issues. It ensures that any activity that hampers the business is resolved amicably.
  • The industries which are governed by the federal government are the ones that abide by this law.
  • The crown corporations and businesses operating and/or affected by the Indian Act are also required to abide by this law completely.
  • Industrial relations, Occupational Health and Safety and Employment Standards Act are the main sections which this law comprises of.
  • There are 7 divisions of industrial relation act, Section 124 – 148 deals with Occupational Health and safety whereas the Employment Standard Law is divided into 16 divisions.